Continuous Emission Monitoring System (Indoor)
NO NO2 SO2 CO2 CO  CH4  O2 H2S H2
  • Low sample flow extraction of only 50 l/h, to enhance the operation of sample gas preparation
  • Use of optimized NDIR technology with improved accuracy and without zero offset
  • O₂ measurement with a long-life electrochemical or a paramagnetic sensor
  • True NOx and SO₂ measurements through use of heated gas sampling probe and gas sampling line
  • Heated and temperature-regulated acid mist catch & drain system for raw flue gas measurements with high acid aerosols
  • Complete heavy-duty sample conditioning system for extractive cold and dry system
  • Ready to log, display and transfer data from dust concentration monitor DM 401 and flow rate monitor DF 252.

SWG 300 IND User Manual


SWG 300 IND Brochure


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