The CODEL GCEM 40 In-situ Gas Analyser Service Process

It is recommended for flue gas analysers to be serviced every year to ensure a sufficient working condition.

An analyser that has not been calibrated and serviced for over 12 months may begin to show less accurate results, putting your you and your staff at risk.

Here we showcase the process when we service a CODEL GCEM 40 Insitu Flue Gas analyser at an industrial plant.

The process involves an intricate process where we first de-energise the analyser and make sure all energy sources are removed before we can do a lock-out.

After that, we remove the bolts and nuts from the analyzer to be able to remove them from the Smoke Stack.

The analyzer then gets stripped and all required parts are replaced. We then clean the analyzer before re-installing the Analyzer back into the smoke stack.  After re-instating the power to the analyzer, it has to warm up for 24 hours, to settle and do a zero calibration automatically.

Then we return to the site and do a full Gas Calibration on the system to ensure it is running up to standard and issue a Calibration Cert.